“The Morozov Brothers, Collectors and Patrons”

Natalia Semenova, art historian, publisher and teacher, is a recognised specialist in 19th and 20th century Russian and French painting, as well as major Russian collectors, including Ivan Morozov and Sergei Shchukin.

Find some of her works in our bibliography HERE.

“The Morozov brothers” (translated from Russian by Michelle Kahn) published by SOLIN / ACTE SUD January 2021.

Books in french.

Matisse et la Russie

(en collaboration avec Albert Kostenevitch)

Flammarion, 1993, 2008.

Chtchoukine, le patron de l’art moderne

(en collaboration avec A.M.Delocque Fourcaud)

La collection Chtchoukine, 2016.

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